Price Style Module

Automatically Style Raw Pricing Data

Create custom price styles in catalogs, store signage, and point-of-sale pieces

The Price Style module adds automated price styling features to any AccurioPro VDP or AccurioPro Catalog application. The module serves to automatically style pricing information as it is merged into the InDesign document, based on a set of rules established by the designer. As an example, for many store signage jobs it is quite common to utilize various price styles as depicted in the example below. These types of complex stylings are very easy to achieve using the Price Style module.

Example of common price styles utilized in store signage applications

Smart Price Feature

For retail and grocery applications especially, the price style can often vary based on the amount of the price. For example, if the price is less than a dollar, it may be styled differently than values that are greater than one dollar, and for those even dollar situations you may encounter yet another stye. Our unique Smart Price feature allows the user to create three styles in one, allowing all of these scenarios to be handled with a single Price Style definition.

Precise Control

Each price style provides control over whether to include the dollars or cents portion of the price during the merge, and allows the user to add currency values at the same time. The relative size of each component, and the positioning of these elements can be specified in the Price Style module user interface. We even added a special dollar/cents kerning control feature, just for those of you who still care about typography.


Included with AccurioPro Catalog

If you are already using our AccurioPro Catalog software, the Price Style module is included as a standard component. For customers running AccurioPro VDP or AccurioPro Server, the Price Style module can be purchased as an add-on module.

The Price Style module is perfect for point-of-sale display, catalogs, or any other type of document that includes variable pricing information. Please contact us for more information, or to give the Price Style module a try!