PDF Imposer Module

Imposition Software Optimized for Variable Data

Powerful, fast and flexible PDF-based imposition processing for AccurioPro VDP software

The PDF Imposer module is a powerful and incredibly fast imposition tool designed to impose personalized variable data output produced by AccurioPro VDP, or any other VDP system. The software is currently available as an optional module for AccurioPro VDP variable data software that adds new and enhanced imposition features.


How it Works

First, Design Your Imposition Template…

PDF Imposer utilizes imposition templates that are created directly in Adobe InDesign using our unique Imposition Frame™ technology. This new design approach provides virtually unlimited, flexible and super-precise control over the design and layout of your imposed items.

Each Imposition Frame serves not only to define the placement and ordering (sequencing) of the imposed items on the page, but can also serve to define the specific cropping area to be applied to each imposed item as well. Separate trim and bleed marks can be added automatically by the UI, but of course because the designs are created within Adobe InDesign, you are free to add your own elements to the Imposition Templates, such as color bars, special registration marks, grid/die lines, and the like.

Once your design is complete, use PDF Imposer to quickly export and create a reusable PDF Imposition Template that will serve as the base for all similar impositions. Build up a library of your most common Imposition Templates, and feel free to share them with your coworkers, or even other AccurioPro VDP users.

Then, Impose from Adobe InDesign…

The imposition process is initiated from within your Adobe InDesign application — just open the PDF Imposer panel, select your variable data PDF file, choose your Imposition Template, and click a button. In seconds you have a perfectly imposed PDF file, optimized and ready to be sent to your press.

And, There are No Apps Required!

The PDF Imposer module does not require any additional apps (such as Adobe Acrobat) and functions completely within Adobe InDesign. The software supports multi-up impositions for Sequential and Cut & Stack ordering, Label Sort mode for label presses and cutter/slitter devices, and of course traditional Step and Repeat for static PDF files. Our integration with Enfocus Switch means that totally automated variable data workflows, including full support for PDF Imposer impositions, are now possible!

Please have a look at the video below for a complete introduction and demonstration of the PDF Imposer module for AccurioPro VDP.


Why PDF Imposer?

Although AccurioPro VDP software provides a legacy multi-up imposition feature, there are a number of limitations with this approach that make certain VDP jobs impossible or very difficult to manage.

For example, any job that uses AccurioPro VDP advanced Page Rules for controlling Layer Visibility or Parent Page swapping cannot be imposed using the legacy method. These powerful rule actions have become increasingly popular as they allow you to swap out your entire InDesign document layout (or sections of the layout) automatically during the VDP merge session.

With PDF Imposer, you no longer need to maintain a separate imposed version of your InDesign document, eliminating just one more step in the process. Plus you now get support for batch processing, automatic clearing of Stack Pads (where there are not enough records/pages to completely fill an imposition template), and as an added benefit, the software can impose just about any PDF file — not just VDP jobs! So this product may even be able to replace any existing, third-party imposition tools you have right now.

PDF Imposer successfully addresses ALL of the current, legacy imposition issues, and you never need to leave the comfort of your Adobe InDesign application!

PDF Imposer Features

  • What’s included with PDF Exporter
  • Supports all AccurioPro VDP features, including Page Rules for Parent Page swapping and Layer visibility

  • Imposition templates are designed and created directly in Adobe InDesign

  • Imposition Frame™ technology provides precise placement and crop to options for all imposed items

  • Add your own elements to any template (color bars, reg marks, die/grid lines, etc.)

  • Incredibly fast! Most impositions take mere seconds to complete

  • Batch processing mode can impose hundreds of PDF files in one session

  • Stack pads are automatically cleared during the impositions

  • Just run your jobs out as 1-up and impose them — no need to create a separate, imposed InDesign document

  • Imposes just about any PDF file (so it may replace or supplement your current, third-party imposition software)

  • Fully integrated with Enfocus Switch to provide powerful VDP and Imposition automation

  • Did we mention it’s fast? You’ll see — request a trial license now!