AccurioPro VDP Optional Modules


Linear Bar Code Module

Supports UPC, Code 128, Code 39 and more


2D Bar Code Module

Supports QR Code, Data Matrix, and PDF 417 bar codes


HTTP Module

Import URL-based images, or render custom images online


GroupPicture Module

Define and import InDesign groups like pictures


Price Style Module

Converts raw pricing data into fancy retail display prices


Pro Pack Module

Specialty scripts and custom action development


Scripting Module

Robust API for automation and customization

AccurioPro VDP for Adobe InDesign

High-performance variable data printing and data publishing software

AccurioPro VDP is a professional software suite that has been integrated directly with Adobe InDesign to provide sophisticated variable data printing and data publishing features. The software works with existing InDesign documents using a simple, panel-driven user interface that allows variable elements to be defined anywhere on the page. Everything is point-and-click, and there is no programming language to learn!

The mainstay application for AccurioPro VDP is personalized direct mail, such as Postcards, Letters, Promotions, and the like. However, the advanced feature set offered by AccurioPro VDP also provides a great solution for automating VDP production work, such as Bar Coding and Consecutive Numbering. The result? Unique, personalized output that’s easy to execute and fully supported on all Konica Minolta and other digital presses.

Example of a fully personalized direct mail piece created using AccurioPro VDP software

Anything Can Be Variable

AccurioPro VDP can merge variable text, picture, multi-paragraph files, Word documents, MPS Tags, or even full InDesign master page information using data taken from practically any source. For variable graphics, all of the most popular file formats are supported, including JPEG, PNG, PDF, and TIFF just to name a few. The software supports variable element references by filename, or by full path, and includes our unique Global Search Path feature that allows you to store your variable assets separately on any server or accessible storage.


And, it’s so Easy!

Creating a variable document with AccurioPro VDP is very easy to do because the setup process utilizes a custom floating panel, with all of the main features accessible via the panel fly-out menu. Of course this means that you never need to leave the InDesign application! Just select the objects you wish to make variable, and click a button. There is no programming language to learn, and most importantly your VDP designs are completely unrestricted – every feature supported by Adobe InDesign is also supported by AccurioPro VDP, including type-on-a-curve, runarounds, multi-page composition, drop caps, transparency effects, Pantone® colors, and much more.

Packed with Power

AccurioPro also includes a number of built-in features that you would expect to find only in much more expensive packages. These features include an advanced, menu-driven Rules Builder for handling conditional logic, an automatic Copy Fitting feature that will adjust text to fit an area, and Multi-up Imposition features that allow you to step out and preview your layouts without leaving InDesign, including full support for specialty modes such as Cut & Stack, Label Sort, or Duplo cutters.

VDP Output Support

AccurioPro VDP imports data directly into InDesign layouts and produces unique, personalized output in a variety of file and VDP formats, including PostScript, PDF/VT, VPS, and PPML. The software is supported by all of the major digital press companies, including of course Konica Minolta.

Check it Out!

See AccurioPro VDP in Action

Video Thumb

This video provides an overview of AccurioPro VDP software, and showcases just a few of the many VDP applications that have been produced using the software. If you would like to arrange for a personalized demonstration, please submit your request at the bottom of this web page, or click here.



AccurioPro VDP Premium and Essential

Choose the version that matches your budget and VDP requirements

AccurioPro VDP Essential is the Konica Minolta exclusive version that is perfect for your typical variable data applications (such as direct mail), and is offered at an incredibly reasonable price! The Essential version supports Optimized PDF/VT output, and includes many of the most powerful variable data processing features, such as Automatic Copy-Fitting, Link Rules, and Multi-up Imposition support.

AccurioPro VDP Premium is designed for optimal performance, and as such it offers significantly faster output, more VDP output formats (such as PPML), and includes special options designed to streamline production, such as the Job Splitting and VDP Preflight features. In addition, the Premium version provides access to a number of extra Power User  features, such as Frame Rules, Variable Page Switching, Variable Layers, and Embedded Style codes. Beyond that, AccurioPro VDP Premium can also be scripted and integrated into workflow design systems, such as Enfocus Switch, enabling the development of totally automated variable data processing systems. For a comprehensive comparison of the Essential and Premium versions, please see the feature comparison chart below.

AccurioPro VDP Features

Following is a list of just some of the powerful features available with AccurioPro VDP Essential and Premium

Standard Software Features Essential Premium
The following items are included as standard features for both software versions
Works with Adobe InDesign for both Mac and Windows
Full support for variable text and images
Create optimized PDF and PDF/VT files for efficient variable output
Supports an unlimited number of database records
Advanced composition features (variable rotation, transparency, runarounds, etc.)
Programmable control for empty data fields (delete, remove substitute, etc.)
Menu-driven rules support for text and images (no hand-coding required)
Automatic copy-fitting of overset text, or fully expand text to fill a frame
Multi-up layout features with Cut & Stack and Label Sort support
Longest and shortest line testing with overset text verification
Data preflight report to check for missing images and other variable assets
Step-through print preview features with live data view
Multiple global search paths for images and articles
Supports Pantone® and custom colours for text, style sheets and frames
Advanced page layout features (facing pages, text flow across pages, etc.)
Built-in sequential numbering features and utility
Includes full USPS Intelligent Mail Bar Coding support
Complete setup is saved with each document (critical for archiving and support)
Premium-Only Features Essential Premium
Exclusive features available only for the AccurioPro VDP Premium version
Special VDP Optimizer feature provides much faster output for large VDP jobs
Additional print driver support (PDF, PDF/VT, PPML and PostScript)
Preflight caching feature provides optimal performance for PDF/VT output
Unique job chunking feature allows large jobs to be printed in smaller batches
Variable Article support (an Article file contains multi-paragraph, styled text)
Variable Parent Page support (apply or remove Parent Pages using rules)
Variable Frame support (change colour of frames or delete frames using rules)
Variable Layer support (hide/show layers based on user-defined criteria)
Quickly create individual, custom-named and personalized PDF files with full filename control
Separate static and variable data stream as documents layers
Allow text styling tags and embedded variables to be included in variable data
Support for the AccurioPro VDP Build Document  feature Limited
Full support for the AccurioPro VDP Scripting Module (for automation and custom actions)
Integration available for workflow automation products such as Enfocus Switch
Optional Module Support Essential Premium
Optional modules can be added to any license to provide extended functionality
Linear Bar Code Module (supports UPC, Code 128, Code 39 and more)
2D Bar Code Module (supports QR Code, Data Matrix, and PDF 417 bar codes)
GroupPicture Module (import native InDesign document content, preserving all links and formatting)
Price Style Module (automatically styles incoming pricing data)
Pro Pack Module (provides specialty scripts and custom action development)
HTTP Module (link to variable assets via URL or API request)
Scripting Module (used to develop custom automation projects)

What can you do with AccurioPro VDP?

Digital Printing

Automate production tasks, such as multi-up Consecutive Numbering and Bar Coding. Provide personalization and customization services to your customers. Produce everything from Business Cards and Name Badges, to fully customized Brochures and Direct Mail pieces.

Label Printers

Use the exclusive sequencing features to create Personalized Labels, fully imposed and ready for printing on either roll-fed label presses, or sheet-fed digital printers. All of the AccurioPro VDP features are supported, including Linear or 2D Bar Coding and Consecutive Numbering. Our exclusive Label Sort imposition method is fantastic for roll-fed label presses or Duplo cutters.

Retail & Point of Purchase

Produce variable Store Signage, Shelf Tags, Labels, Coupons, and other POP material. Full price styling control is available.

Financial Institutions

Create updated Fund Statements and Fact Sheets, customized Prospectus data, and other financial documents.

Higher Education

Easily create personalized Direct Mail pieces targeting new student recruitment. Personalize Certificates, Diplomas, Alumni Solicitation Material and Scholarship Award letters. Educational licensing is available.

Request a Personalized Demo

If you are interested in seeing AccurioPro VDP software presented live and in person, please click the button below to submit your request and we will contact you to arrange a webinar demo at your convenience.