Scripting Module

Total Workflow Automation and Customization

Provides complete access to the entire AccurioPro Variable Data scripting library

The Scripting Module provides a robust programming interface for the JavaScript, AppleScript, and VBScript languages that can be used to control all aspects of AccurioPro VDP, AccurioPro Catalog, and related products. This module provides full access to all of the scripting library functions, including the Merge and Print functions of AccurioPro VDP that are not accessible with the Pro Pack Module.

The Scripting Module is licensed only for clients that may wish to develop their own totally automated workflows, or who wish to integrate AccurioPro with third-party products such as Enfocus Switch. Licensing for the Scripting Module must be approved in advance by Meadows Publishing Solutions, the developers of AccurioPro Variable Data.


Custom Rule Actions

Of course, just like the Pro Pack Module, customers who license the Scripting Module can develop their own custom AccurioPro Rule Actions. An AccurioPro Rule Action is a separate script that will be launched by the AccurioPro Rules module during a merge session. The Actions performed by the script can be totally customized to perform operations on both the incoming data, and also on the Adobe InDesign document. For users that are interested in Custom Rule Actions only, please check out the Pro Pack Module which provides access to a subset of the AccurioPro scripting library, and also includes a number of custom Action examples.


Open for Discussion

If you have a project that you feel would benefit from a full license of the Scripting Module, please contact us directly so we can discuss your project. Consultation and custom development services are always available from our experienced team of AccurioPro Variable Data experts!