AccurioPro Catalog Optional Modules


Linear Bar Code Module

Supports UPC, Code 128, Code 39 and more and more and more and more


2D Bar Code Module

Supports QR Code, Data Matrix, and PDF 417 bar codes


Index Builder Module

Create a product, part number or manufacturer index


PDF Exporter Module

Export PDF pages with auto-generated product hyperlinks


HTTP Module

Import URL-based images, and connect to external databases


Data Exporter Module

Export catalog content to any DAM or web site


Squinch Reporter

Generate square inch analysis reports in seconds


Page Builder Module

Build pages and tables automatically


GroupPicture Module

Define and import InDesign groups like pictures


Pro Pack Module

Specialty scripts and custom action development


Scripting Module

Robust API for automation and customization

AccurioPro Catalog for Adobe InDesign

Link pricing, descriptive copy, and pictures to any database

Utilized by hundreds of major catalogers around the world, AccurioPro Catalog has become the premier data publishing, price updating, document versioning, data exporting and reporting software package available today! As the name implies, AccurioPro Catalog is great for performing pricing updates on catalogs, but is also a fantastic tool for updating retail flyers, phone lists, time tables, financial publications, food labels or any other type of information that can be referenced by a unique key value, such as a product number.

A typical AccurioPro Catalog page with plenty of prices to update!

Easy Setup

The software works by assigning placeholders to text or picture information in an InDesign document. Each placeholder is associated with a key value, such as a product number or SKU. For complex tables, use the unique Table Tagger™ feature to assign placeholders quickly, or take advantage of the Lookback Placeholder feature to extract product numbers right out of the document pages. All of the setup is accessible via a simple panel interface, which puts everything you need right at your fingertips. When a document is updated, the AccurioPro Catalog software queries the database, retrieves the requested data, and updates all of the placeholders with revised content. Updates to the document are lightning fast, and can be initiated at any time.

Additional Bundled Features

AccurioPro Catalog provides a number of advanced features for processing, error checking and reporting. The software is bundled with our CopyFit™ module, which easily handles text overflow conditions that may occur during an update. Also included is the Rules Module, which can be used to implement sophisticated conditional logic (if/then/else) processing.


Report Generation and Data Exporting

Of course, when you are updating lots of data items, it is important to keep track of what changed. To assist, AccurioPro Catalog includes a built-in Report Generator capable of creating reports containing a comprehensive list of every item that was updated, its current value, page number, missing items, error codes, and much more. This information is ideal for proofing purposes, index generation, or you may simply wish to merge the data back into your database or spreadsheet program. For database population, the Data Exporter Module provides even more powerful exporting capabilities, allowing you to extract content into flat-file tables that can be uploaded into virtually any web or e-commerce database.


Comprehensive Picture Support

In addition to prices and other textual information, AccurioPro Catalog also supports pictures. Just click on a picture frame, type in your SKU, and click OK. When you update the document, the software will search your database, locate the pictures and automatically import the files into perfect position. For missing pictures, AccurioPro Catalog offers advanced search capabilities and error reporting.


Batch Processing Included

For larger publications that are stored as separate documents, AccurioPro Catalog provides a comprehensive batch processing feature. This is genuine, built-in batch processing, capable of processing hundreds of documents at a time. The batch processing feature is very fast, reliable, and incredibly easy to use. Just select the documents you want to update using our exclusive batch selection interface, choose your data file and reporting options, and go! The software will process the entire batch of jobs and give you a full report when it’s finished. Imagine updating every price, in every catalog page, in just seconds per page. Now that’s impressive!

Have a Look!

See AccurioPro Catalog at Work

Video Thumb

This video provides an overview of AccurioPro Catalog software, and provides a quick look of the many standard and available features. If you would like to arrange for a personalized demonstration, please submit your request at the bottom of this web page, or click here.


AccurioPro Catalog Features

Following is a list of just some of the powerful features available with AccurioPro Catalog

  • What's included with AccurioPro Catalog
  • Works directly with Adobe InDesign for both Mac and Windows

  • Quickly import revised price and product information directly into your InDesign layouts

  • Utilizes a highly intuitive floating panel user interface – no programming skills required

  • Ability to tag entire tables in one step using the Table Tagger™ feature

  • Works with simple, delimited data files, with options for direct ODBC and HTTP connectivity

  • Supports any size database and hundreds of fields per record

  • Automatic copy-fitting of overset text, or fully expand text to fill a frame

  • Provides built-in batch processing features – perfect for larger publications

  • Variable frame support (change color of frames or delete frames using rules)

  • Control text styling directly in data using the MPS Tags style codes

  • Use the menu-driven rules feature to easily add conditional logic programming

  • Export PDF pages with automatic creation of hyperlinks for every product/price with PDF Exporter

  • Create product, manufacturer, and part number indexes with Index Builder

  • Generate comprehensive square inch analysis reports with Squinch Reporter

  • Support the creation of both Linear and 2D bar codes with the Bar Code Module

  • Comprehensive Scripting API (for automation and custom actions)

  • The absolute best technical support around!

What can you do with AccurioPro Catalog?


Instantly import last minute price changes. Quickly update descriptive copy or pictures. Produce multiple price or market versions of a catalog in minutes. Automate your Square Inch reporting and Index Building processes.

Content Management

Produce PDF versions of your catalog pages with embedded links for online product access. Export all of your catalog content for use with online or content database systems.


Update product or pricing information in retail flyers or brochures. Produce different market versions of retail material. Create shelf tags, labels, coupons and other POP material. Full price styling control is included with the core software.

Financial Institutions

Create updated fund statements and fact sheets, customized prospectus data, and other financial documents.

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